Welcome to Investment Motor Cars

Craig Brody Investment Motorcars was created out of the love of collecting cars for the last 25 years! I buy, sell & consign only the highest end, no excuse cars, for the pickiest & most demanding collectors, PERIOD!.

I have been in the collectables business since 1978, buying & selling many thousands of Vintage Guitars to many famous clients...Eric Clapton,The U-2 Band & REM just to name a few. But cool cars are my very 1st LOVE!


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I have been in & around the Automobile Industry since I was 4 years old. I have been collecting cars since 1977. My taste varies from hybred muscle cars from Europe w/powerful American motors (Tiger's,Cobra's,Iso's,etc.),40's thru 70's Euro Exotics & the best of the American Muscle cars!

Where are we located?

We are located in the City of Weston, in Florida. It is a cool Suburb of Ft.Lauderdale just minutes from the Miami, Ft.Lauderdale & Palm Beach Airports! I work only by appointment, but have a very flexible schedule.


We are proud to announce the opening of our new Showroom & Storage facility...it is packed w/all our best Investment Motorcars currently for sale, 100's of the most significant Vintage Guitar's of our lifetime & ton's of Automobile & Music paraphernalia that will blow your mind! Plan a trip out to see us on your next visit to Florida!